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Damages during the clean – what you need to know

As a booking platform, Helpling brings local cleaners together with people who need help in their domestic cleaning. Helpling provides only cleaners who work independently – i.e. self-employed individuals. Part of the responsibility of a self-employed person is to have their own public liability insurance. Helpling informs the prospect cleaners who wish to use our platform about their responsibility regarding damages and insurance policies.

If a cleaner does not have his/her own liability insurance in the event of a damage, Helpling has taken out as a precaution a public liability insurance to help customers in this unfortunate situation.

How am I covered?

Helpling maintains liability insurance with an insured sum of EUR 5,000,000, in which each service provider is co-insured in the event of damage to the customer’s property. If a customer claims damage caused by the activities of the service provider, Helpling will notify the liability insurance company of the damage. This only applies to damages that exceed an amount of EUR five hundred (500).

In the event that the damage exceeds the amount of EUR 500 and the insurer decides to settle the claim, we point out that our insurance settles only the difference between EUR 500 and the value of the claim.

The liability of the service provider remains unaffected. Helpling is not obliged to assist in settling claims. The enforcement of claims against the liability insurance is the responsibility of the customer. If something has been damaged during the booking, we ask you to send us an email to [email protected].